Partner With Us

  1. Partner and contribute with the most relevant deliberations on responsible business, sustainable practices and CSR regime
  2. Listen to & meet the best thought leaders, policymakers and business leaders on sustainability from around the world
  3. Attend more than 30 sessions on diverse sectors, themes and topics spread over 3 days
  4. Have a session of your own and share your experience, innovations, success stories and best practices to the most relevant audience
  5. Brand your organization amongst the Pioneers of sustainability.
  6. Contribute towards the development and uptake of responsible business and sustainable development
  7. Showcase your innovations, work, products and messages
  8. Be at the Networking Village to meet hundreds of likeminded people
Privileges  Lead Partner Prime Partner Session Partner Associate Partner Conference Support Partner Stall at Networking Village
INR 2,000,000 INR 1,000,000 INR 500,000 INR 200,000 INR 100,000 INR 150,000
Special Invite to of the Head of the Organisation to be a Speaker on the Inaugural Plenary of the Conference        
Invite 2 more Senior Staff as Speakers/Panelists in two other relevant Sessions of the Conference          
Co-host of 90mins session on Day 2 or 3      
Exhibition space (Stall of dimension: 3 mtr X 2 mtr X 3 mtr) in the Networking Village of the Conference, with good visibility and easy access for participants. Availability of adequate space in the Stall for display of publications and resource materials       √ 
Reserved tables for Guests and Members at the Evening Events        
Advertisement in ISS2019 Conference booklet √(fullpage)  √(fullpage)        
Promotion of Session Co-hosted through CRB Social Media √       
Promotion through short videos in the Centralised Display placed in the Networking Village of the Conference       √ 
Visibility along with other Lead Partners and CRB in all posts, publications, handouts, collaterals of the Conference √  √  √   
Free Conference passes for Guests and Members √(20) √(10) √(5)  √(2)  √(2)  √(2) 
50% discount on additional Conference passes for Guests and Members  √      
Distribution of publications in Delegate Kit for all participants        
Full Delegate List – name of delegate, designation and organization (without contact details as per CRB Privacy Policy)          
Outcomes from the Panel and Session to be shared through CRB social media handles          
1 Speaker Slot in a relevant Session        √    

Contacts for Partnership Opportunities:
Nandini Sharma, +91 (11) 41088853,