Breakout Session Day 3

Role of Data and Digitization in Better Preparing for Uncertainty

30 October 2020 | 15:45 – 17:15 IST

Co-Host: CRB


The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the reliance on digital services in many aspects in the day to day life of middle-class consumers in India, and has also highlighted the need for better digital penetration among lower economic classes. These services include financial services, retail, e-commerce, transportation, utilities, etc. IT tools and digital services have also dominated application across business processes and operations including among others in logistics, education, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, etc. It has also pervaded public services and governance, wherein decision-making has increasingly been based on real-time data collection, storage and analysis across various organs and levels of government.

India, with its army of software engineers, data analysts, and tech start-ups has earned the title of ‘Digital India’, not only by demonstrating its ability to apply IT tools and data, but also inspiring young IT professionals and experts to promote IT start-ups and services. Needless to mention, we still have a long way to go. It also faces enormous challenges in terms of its current digital infrastructure and data collection and analysis mechanisms. There are issues pertaining to equitable access to IT based solutions, which remain unresolved. This has been noted in terms of access to devices like smartphones, laptops, etc.; availability and quality of internet services; and data protection and security. Further, as a country we can assert to have achieved at best ‘work in progress’ in application of IT tools, IT based solutions and data infrastructure/analytics in addressing some of the pressing socio-economic developmental challenges and achieving business excellence.


This session will engage experts from the IT sector, policymakers, innovators, national and international experts and civil society to brainstorm on ways to unleash IT tools and data analytics in addressing some of the pressing developmental challenges and achieving business excellence – thereby contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (specific targets).

Session Objectives:

  • To identify priority developmental issues/challenges in India wherein real-time data collection and analysis must be scaled up. Some of these areas include among others, disease surveillance, pest attacks on farmlands, population census, education and healthcare services, irrigation, waste management, city/urban planning and so on (aligned with SDGs)
  • To discuss real-time data collection mechanisms/technology/solutions that can help improve business performance and excellence (aligned with SDGs)
  • To discuss the design of future deployment of technology such as 5G, internet-enabled devices like  smartphones, and internet connectivity to ensure equitable access
  • Explore good practices (both in public policy sphere/governance and private sector) and lessons thereof



Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Girish Ramachandran

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Shashank Dubey

Head of Analytics & Principal

Sameer Sharma

Senior Advisor
ITU Regional Office, Asia-Pacific & ITU (United Nations), Bangkok Metropolitan Area

Jatin Chaurasia

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Sumeru Ventures

Dr. Debapriya Dutta

Advisor - Department of Science & Technology Ministry of Science and Technology
Government of India

Deepak Maheshwari

Senior Visiting Fellow