Breakout Session Day 3

Circular Design in Apparel: enabling circular economy for business resilience

30 October 2020 | 10:00 – 11:30 IST


  • To discuss how design can focus on the 7 Rs to enable circular transition in products and processes in the Apparel and Textile sector
  • To understand how design can boost social inclusion
  • To explore how policy can play a role in including circular design criteria in decision-making

Session Objectives:

  • Showcase work of the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet network
  • Showcase the Consumer Information Programme as a strong network of actors progressing towards SDG 12 through the spirit of collaboration, linking-up to scale-up and ongoing promotion of SCP (sustainable consumption and production)
  • Illustrate the importance of reliable and accessible consumer information as a useful tool for encouraging sustainable consumption with links to the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information (UNEP & ITC, 2017). Different forms of consumer information will be presented in the session.


Bhim Adhikary

Senior Program Specialist, Climate Change

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Vice Chancellor
World University of Design

Ms. Ritu Kumar

Leading Fashion Designer

Ms. Payal Jain

Founder Trustee
Prem Jain Memorial Trust

Anita Chester

Head of Materials
Laudes Foundation

Jason Kibbey

Higg Co


General Manager & Head Tailoring - Lifestyle Business

Shailaja Rangarajan

Founder & Director

Venkat Kotamaraju

Circular Apparel Innovation Factory