The Context

Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) has been organising its flagship annual conference, India and Sustainability Standards: International Dialogue & Conference (ISS) since 2014. This event, conceived and organised by CRB in partnership with several partner organisations has now become a much awaited international sustainability conference based in India.

On average over 600 delegates participate in the 20 thematic/sectoral dialogues over three days. The event offers an occasion for participants to discuss challenges and opportunities presented by international and Indian Sustainability Standards and Collaborative Sustainability Initiatives, in supporting business and policy contributions towards positive social, economic and environmental impacts in India and beyond.

CRB is pleased to announce ‘India and Sustainability Standards: International Dialogues & Conference’ (ISS, 2017) from 15-17 November, 2017 at India Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi. The theme of this 2017 conference is From Tragedies of the Commons to the Strategies for the Commons. It is imperative to appreciate the nature of the tragedies of the commons and the implications for sustainable and inclusive development.

ISS 2017 will attract Indian and international policy actors, government agencies, standard setters, large and small businesses, civil society, academia, and media agencies, for participatory and inclusive dialogues on opportunities and challenges for promoting responsible business in India and beyond, with special reference to sustainability standards and collaborative sustainability initiatives.

Key ‘Take-Aways’ from earlier ISS Conferences

There is consensus across stakeholders that sustainability challenges are multi-dimensional and cannot be addressed through a unidirectional approach – thereby calling multiple stakeholders and institutions to address such challenges through a concerted and collaborative process. However, collaboration and cooperation on sustainability issues involving key actors from across the spectrum don’t happen automatically – and needs to be facilitated and nurtured. The ISS offers the opportunity and the context for such collaborative processes.

India and Sustainability Standards: International Dialogues & Conference 2017 (ISS 2017)

Based on the experience of the previous ISS conferences, the ISS 2017 has been planned as a three-day event. The first day would revolve around the theme of this year’s conference (From Tragedies of the Commons to the Strategies for the Commons). The next two days of the conference would comprise parallel sessions.